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Overview of Greek Life

Welcome to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Greek community. Entering college will be an exciting and challenging time in both you and your daughter's life. She will find UNLV to be a diverse university with unlimited choices and opportunities. The Greek community offers involvement in activities outside the classroom in order to enhance her academic experiences. We hope that your daughter will consider sorority membership!

Striving to Achieve

Sororities strive to achieve the greatest potential from each individual member, utilizing each person's talents and showcasing success. In choosing UNLV and its Greek community, your daughter is choosing an outstanding institution of higher education and a Greek community that will complement her academic experience.

Your Role as a Parent

Be supportive and learn as much as you can by asking questions of your daughter as she meets people through the recruitment process. Also be an active parent during your child's years in a sorority. Remember, being in a sorority can only benefit your child. Encourage and support your daughter. Our Greek women will be more than happy to tell her (and you) about their sororities.

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Parent Involvement

Many of our chapters also have parents' clubs who help out with many aspects of chapter organization. Chapters also host events such as parents' weekend, moms' day, and dads' day events. These are just a few more ways in which you can remain supportive of your child's growth into adulthood through her chosen sorority.

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For more information...

Feel free to contact our Panhellenic Advisor, Jane Neitz-Singleton, directly and/or check out our national link all about sorority moms and dads here: